This blog is serving the purpose to document all information, research and communication during my Collaboration project.

For my collaboration project I have chosen to work with my brother, Darren Perry, of The Media Workshop. We have not started with a goal set, we have decided to pull our interests together and decided on a project that will utilize both of our talents with technology. Mine based around music and Darren’s based around visuals. Here is a timeline that I am proposing for the project –

February 1st – March 1st – Finding Partnership

March 1st – March 7th – Creating Ideas

March 7th – March 21st – Darren Away/Finalise Ideas

March 21st – March 28th – Decide on Visuals

March 28th – April 11 – Work on Programming

April 11th – April 18th – Meet-up/Catch-Up

April 18th – May 2nd – Work on Programming

May 2nd – May 9th – Meet-Up/Catch-Up

May 9th – May 19th – Prepare for Hand In

I will be posting any important decisions that we make for the project as well as any research for the project as well as research for working in a collaboration. Although I have done a vast amount of collaboration work before I have not done any collaboration in this area of technology so it will be a good learning experience for me.

Part of my reasoning for choosing to work with Darren, and an initial idea for the project was based on a project that was done by Darren and The Media Workshop and shown at the Durham Light Festival.


In the video you can see that there is large projection mapping on to the side of a building with visuals that are representing the audio being played. I really liked the idea of how the visuals reacted to the music and also the scale of the project itself, being on a large scale building. Another Idea I have had aside from projection mapping was holograms, initially with the type of holograms that you can make at home as shown below, working with 3D visuals is also something that greatly interests me.