Standing Ground and Accepting Ideas

Although it is good to be open to ideas, it is also just as important to stand ground with the ideas that you think are important as long as you can back up why they are important. This can either be with the creative ideas or simply on the methods of working, it is important to be clear and explain why when you are suggesting ideas instead of dictating what is happening. When suggesting ideas the reasoning behind the ideas is as important as the idea itself, it is the reasoning that will bering others to the same thinking. Which is also why it is important to listen to ideas and accept them by listening to reasoning before dismissing ideas.

Another important part of collaboration that fits well with this is that of recognising strengths and weaknesses, in yourself as well as others. It is unlikely that one person is going to be the best at everything, otherwise the point of collaboration is almost lost. The way to get the best out of working as a team is to play to everyones strengths, working in ways that people are comfortable and can excel with produce great works of collaboration. This may not always be possible, so it is good to have a support system in place for those that are feeling a little weaker in the work that they have to do – the greatest advantage of working as a team is being able to share the workload.


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