What is Needed to Collaborate?

From my own knowledge I have put together a few ideas of what is needed to collaborate. As a musician collaboration has to be a part of my every day working but in terms of creating works of digital art collaboration is relatively new to me. Transferring the ideas that I have from previous knowledge and looking forward to this project the first thing to talk about will be the acceptance and challenge of others ideas. For my project we aren’t starting with a goal in mind, we are coming together with our own ideas to create something that is from both of our ideas. As the person I will be working with has a greater knowledge of technology than I do I will be relying on him to restrain some of my ideas to those that are possible, and then elaborate on the possibilities.

Even though this will be my project, as it is for my module on my degree, I will need to compromise in the ways that the project is realised. Already some of my ideas have proven to be to big and the project has been scaled back to a much more realistic outcome – originally being a full scale projection and now being held and displayed on one computer.

To keep any collaboration project running smoothly there needs to be an amount of delegation. If too many people are trying to do the same thing then problems will arise. Being a small team of only 2 people it is easy to delegate, and having such opposite parts (beat tracking and 3d modelling) it is a clear divide. There are however always parts of collaborations which can get muddled when it comes to delegation, an integral part to a project which may take a lot of work or effort can be split in to easier to manage parts as long as there is good communication within the team.


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