Anything Is Possible

The idea of collaboration has always interested me, whether its collaboration in music, digital art, or anything for that matter. In the book ‘Managing to Collaborate’ Huxam and Vangen say –

“The world of collaboration. It is a world in which it is possible to feel inspired. Almost anything is, in principle, possible thorough collaboration because you are not limited by your own resources and expertise. You can, in principle, achieve whatever visions you may have by tapping into resources and expertise of others.

– Huxam and Vangen, 2005

It is always this idea of thinking that has interested me so much. Digital Art should always be an area in which you can dream big and have very high goals for what you want to create and achieve. That is what is so inspiring about Digital Art. In my project I started with big ideas, the only reasons that we had to scale these ideas down was because of the time frame, not because they weren’t possible. My first ideas of holograms, projection mapping, or augmented reality are all real world applications that are very possible. One great reason for choosing this collaboration was that Darren has experience in these areas and i don’t – which is the greatest formula for any collaboration.