Top Tips for Collaborating

From the same book, ‘Managing to Collaborate, they list ten top tips for collaborating. The book itself is aimed at  collaborations between large companies and not necessarily small collaborations, like mine, between 2 people. However, it does say that some will be relevant for small collaborations too, and there are 2 points especially that I am baring in mind though this collaboration project.

The first that applies to me, is their number 2 point –

2  Budget a great deal more time for the collaborative activities than you would normally expect to need.

This is a great tip to work by, but also with my situation it has almost become mute due to the fact that I already have a time frame in place due to deadlines. It does raise a good cause for concern though as it has prompted me to make sure that I budget my time effectively, especially due to the fact that Darren will also have other work that he will be doing.

The second that most applies to me, is their number 4 point-

4   Where possible, try to begin by setting yourselves some small, achievable tasks. Build up mutual trust gradually through achieving mutual small wins. If the stakes are high, you may need a more comprehensive trust building approach.

Being in a small collaboration I believe it is very important to set small tasks. I also think it is important to be very clear about how to achieve them and when they should be achieved. Making the tasks we set achievable will keep us motivated and will keep the sense that the project is moving forward which will be very important as there may be a gap in development later on.