Wavetick / VDMX

As my part of the collaboration is to create the tempo tracking, i started looking at beat tracking and tempo tracking software. The best that I found, which was suggested by Darren, is a program called ‘Wavetick’ created by Wavesum.


As you can see from the picture there is no visual representation of the BPM tempo. However, a great trait of Wavetick is the beat tracking. The three boxes at the top represent bar, beat, and Atom. The Bar square will flash at the beginning of what it recognizes as the beginning of the bar, the Beat will flash on every beat, and the Atom will flash at 8th notes giving a very accurate representation of tempo. This feature would be very useful to have in my project, especially the Bar meter, so that the 3D character can recognise when to start dancing – at the beginning of the bar.

The other program which Darren had mentioned is VDMX, which with an addition of Waveclock is a way of automating visuals to music. This looked like a good way to go at first as it would be a simple way to make it work. However, since we decided to work with 3D visuals we decided to abandon this and work within Unity. Here is a video to show the capability of VDMX.