Work In Context

When starting my project the work had a clear context. The first idea of projection mapping was to make this project an installation for others to participate in, choosing and playing songs for the visuals to react to. However due to the timeframe and the restraint that we have had to put on the project it has become a smaller scale idea that can be used to facilitate other projects. For example, this can still be used as an installation on a larger scale by mapping a projection onto a surface and having the dancer move around in the same way but representing the space being projected on to. It can also be used on a smaller scale, such as mentioned when me and Darren were talking. Having a simple screen set up with the character ready to dance and then have some sort of audio input for someone to play music from their phone or MP3 player and have it dance.

A few more interesting Ideas to me would be to use the idea of holographic projection, setting up a large full scale/life size 3d projection much like the one shown at the start of this blog (with the tv) and having people be able to interact with the dancer. Not fully as it will be inside glass but having the projection life size and in 3d would add another level to the project.

My second idea, which is the most interesting to me and my future research, is to use this projection in the realms of Virtual Reality. Having the dancer in a digital environment that you can populate as well, being able to dance with the animated character. This could incorporate a few people and more characters making a virtual disco. Using this with the idea of silent discos could create a complete extension of the real world and being able to manipulate that world in real time leaves the possibilities endless. It should not be viewed as a way of replacing the disco or nightclubs/dance events but as a way of extending, enhancing and augmenting the reality that we know.


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